Friday, 9 August 2013

Looking Back on Walking

Summer is coming to a close, and so I've been a little reflective lately. More to come on my summer reflections later.

Today my partner was too tired and cancelled so I walked alone. It was one of those days where I wanted to cancel too - but yesterday I only did 2 km so I figured I really better walk today. I told myself I could just do a short one. Once I got out there I decided maybe I could do 5 km. I got to a corner where we sometimes go further and make it a 6 km walk and decided I could do it. Funny how getting out the door really is the hardest part!

Since I was walking alone I had lots of thinking time.  Where I get to walk is great space for thinking! It's so beautiful! Here's a pic I snapped this morning on my phone. I took it because I saw a deer. Can't see it in the photo though.

I thought about how walking went last summer. Last summer I started about mid-July and did 22 km that month. It just about killed me. In August I did 90 km. That just about killed me more. I would often come home, shower, and then sleep the rest of the morning. It seriously really wore me out.

I walked all through the year. These are my stats for the 2012-2013 school year:

July - 22 km
August - 90 km
September - 51 km
October - 69 km
November - 80 km
December - 29 km
January - 30 km
February - 62 km
March - 101 km
April - 100 km
May - 44 km
June - 6 km

Last month I did 103 km.

I'm particularly proud of November, December, January and February. Those are tough months to keep doing it around here. Truthfully, March was pretty hard too because we had so much snow this year - but while my km's were lower, I did keep doing it! The end of May was when we got our van. It was sure hard to walk when I had this sexy new van to drive - and that's what I did. Plus, June is just so darn busy, I ended up not walking at all. Thank goodness summer was just around the corner!

February was when I realized I needed to set a goal that would push myself. 100 km's is definitely a push. I'm going to see if I can do 100 km every month this next school year. I'm not going to be able to walk home from school like I did last year. This year I'm going to be driving Jill in the mornings to seminary and swimming. I'm going to have to figure out how to add in a walk after school (there's no way I can do it in the mornings.....we get up early enough as it is! Swim mornings start at 4:30 and seminary mornings start at 5:00 for me. I can't add in a walk in the morning). However, while she's swimming I could do a few km's. We've entered a photo contest with a rec center near us, and so far we're clobbering the competition. The prize is an annual family pass. If we win I might just have to go workout there a lot. I will use the treadmill and add in some other stuff. I have thought for a while that I should add in some weight training.

The school year is going to be tricky. I can't stop now though. I can finally, honestly say that exercise really is a part of my life. I have to keep doing it. It's so easy not to do it. Being a working mom is brutal. But I will just look at it as the one thing I do for myself and just learn to make it a priority.

And here's the crazy part. I just figured out that this month I should be able to get to 135 km's quite easily. If I just do 5 km six days a week (I often do 6 km) I will get to 135 - so I'm going to try to do 150 km's to push myself.


Yup. I'm going to do 150.

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