Sunday, 18 August 2013

Happy Birthday Jill

15 years old! How did this happen?!

Today is Jill's birthday. Our world totally changed when Jill was a great way. I am amazed sometimes at what a great girl she is. She is disciplined and a hard worker. She's smart too! I love how she loves to read. We have great discussions about books. She's always positive. She's always enthusiastic. And she truly likes everyone.

Well, okay. Maybe she doesn't like everyone - but she is nice even if she doesn't! She's not one of those catty girls at all.

I'm always so proud of her and how she sees the good in everyone. Life is always just fun when Jill is around! So glad she's part of our family.

Here are some pics of her birthday celebrations in Edmonton. The Letourneaus were there too!

Crazy  cousins!

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