Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Temple Miracle

It used to be that as soon as a break from school started, I would get sick. It was as though when I finally relaxed all those germs I had been carrying around said, "Ah ha! We've got you now!" I would spend the first 3 days of a break sleeping, and then the next week being sick. I don't seem to do that anymore. All through winter break I felt great. However, on Monday, at our PD Day, a cold suddenly hit me. On Tuesday I felt really really terrible. Like really terrible. This was was a doozie. I stuck it out though and made it through Tuesday. Wednesday wasn't much better. It seemed like no matter how much cold medicine I took I couldn't stop my nose from running. I was blowing my nose all day long. My skin was worn out and sore from all the nose blowing and my head was aching. I helped Peirce with homework in the evening and I was blowing and blowing and blowing my nose and sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. I felt really miserable.

Big problem: I had volunteered to clean the temple. In my mind I went through all the reasons I shouldn't go do it.

  • That place is clean enough!
  • There will be other people there to help.
  • I'm sick.
  • I need sleep.
  • This is just a make work project. Do they really need to clean that place every single day?!
  • Jill has swimming tomorrow morning
  • I really just want to go to bed.
  • I don't know what I'm supposed to wear.
  • I just don't want to do it!

In the end though, I decided maybe I should just go and do my duty....because I said I would.

I arrived at 9:15. They give you white scrubs to put on. I went and sat in the chapel with everyone else and waited and grumbled to myself that we should just get at it. Finally President Stonehocker came along and gave us a spiritual message (a spiritual message for cleaning the temple?!) and we got to work. I was assigned to sweep and mop bathroom floors (there are a lot of bathrooms in that place!) I realised about 45 minutes into things that I wasn't sniffing anymore. No need to blow my nose anymore.


This morning it's the same thing. I still feel like my sinuses are going a little crazy - but I don't have a terribly runny nose like I had with a vengeance Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.

It's seriously a temple miracle. I'm one who only gets better with lots of sleep. Last night I was there until 11:15 and got home at 11:30. It always takes me a little time to unwind and so I didn't really get to sleep until after midnight. I shouldn't feel this good today! I'm sure grateful that I do though.

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Collette said...

That is so wonderful!!
Remember to help that miracle along with an increase in vitamin D. :)