Saturday, 4 January 2014

Smuggle Mom

Jill's coach calls people who don't know the swimming life "smuggles". In Harry Potter a muggle is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world. In our life, a smuggle is someone who doesn't understand the magic of the swimming life.

I'm a smuggle. I'll admit it. I had no idea what we were getting into when we started this swimming life. I can't keep track of swim times like some parents do. I don't know all the terms, and I often say the wrong things to my kids about how to get a better time (just move your arms faster!)

However, I am oftensimply amazed at the beauty and wisdom involved in the demanding life of a swimmer.

This week, most kids are being lazy, playing with their Christmas toys, eat bad (good?) food, and other fun stuff. That's not a bad thing. It isn't what swim kids do though. Swim kids are at swim camps!

Jill has had twice a day workouts. 8-10 am and then again 2-4:30 pm.
Peirce has just had once a day workouts - and that's enough. He sure sleeps better.

Sometimes I think the demands of swimming life are way too much. I suppose that is the smuggle in me coming out. We drag Peirce to the pool now and then. Jill doesn't require any dragging though. She loves it. She works hard and follows the instructions her coaches give quite closely. She's also learned the dangers of staying up too late. One 3 am night (New Year's Eve) has made this a double-hard week. She's survived though. She even went to YW when she felt way too tired (it's amazing what washing one's hair will do to pick you up though). Her motto is that she does hard things.

I think that's a good motto.

For me the hard things are getting out of bed before my preferred time of 9 am, the driving, the preparing food, and the waiting around at the pool.

I probably shouldn't complain. It's great reading time!


Kim Hawryluk said...

she even managed to please my kids and come play with them for an hour between swimming one of those days! She's so great!!!

Dawn said...

She sure is. I'm so grateful to have her around.....I want to be more like her.