Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blogging plans

Blogging goals

1. Sundays: Sunday seven will focus on seven things I am grateful for (Ackroyd House)
2. Tuesdays: Family history stories (Ackroyd House)
3. Wednesdays: God's tender mercies -looking for god's hand in my life. (Ackroyd House)
4. Mondays: What I am reading (book blog)
5. Saturdays: Celebrate - weekly reflection (Jungle)
6. Thursdays: Gospel study - reflections on what I have learned and plan to teach in SS that next week
7. Fridays: Family Scribe - a lot goes on with my family each week. I will record growth and happenings (Ackroyd House)


Gilly said...

That is a great plan ! I need to get back into blogging again. A structured plan like this might help me.

Shirley Wilson said...

I love your blogs Dawn, keep them coming. Aunt Shirley