Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Eve

What a night! We ended the year off with a bang!

Peirce and I worked at a hockey game. Did you know they can do fireworks right on the ice?! That was pretty cool.

After we went and found Allen and then subsequently found a restaurant that had tables available. It was a bit of an eye opener for Peirce: loud music, DJ, fancified people, champagne (well, not for us) and lots of noisy people. They handed out party hats and noisemakers for the countdown. Fun!

These are terribly grainy pictures....apparently I need a better phone. 

Jill on the other hand, had five parties in one night:

1. Shop and have a friend over to get ready for the dance.
2. Go to the before dance party at a boy's house.
3. Go to the dance.
4. Go to the after dance party at another boy's house.
5. Have a friend sleepover (attempt to watch a movie first....which didn't last long. Valiant effort though!)

Translation: That meant a bunch of driving for Allen. I'm always amazed at the number of kids looking for rides on nights like tonight. I wonder what their parents did for New Year's Eve? Oh well! It is good bonding time....a win for Allen.

Now bring on 2014!


Alysha said...

ahhh you have a kid old enough for dances??? I'm sooo not ready for that haha
what a fun night!

Dawn said...

This actually could have been her 2nd New Year's Eve dance! last year she was away for new year's though.

We are deep into the youth dance phase of life. Only six more years of it to go :)