Sunday, 21 September 2014

Busy Saturday

We have had a busy Saturday, which isn't too unusual.

Peirce was in a scout camp. They travelled by canoe to their camping spot. Peirce said it was the best trip ever!

I love the fall colors in this photo. Fall is my favorite season of the year!

Jill and I gathered food from the routes we delivered food bank flyers. It is so fun to be part of this city-wide food drive. It is a great lesson in how just a few can make a big difference. Probably 1 in 10 houses we delivered to donated something. With that, huge amounts or food are collected. Imagine if everyone donated just one can?! It would be totally overwhelming.

Jill, in the midst of gathering up the food, said, "This is my favorite church activity of all!" When I asked her why she said it is because she loves it that everyone is sharing.

So true!!

Unloading cars full of food at the stake center. This happened at all six stake centres in Calgary.

I found this pic in a facebook. The food bank shelves are full and the rest is in the aisles. Awesome!

In the afternoon Jill and I went to storybook theatre and saw The Wizard of One. It is a play written by a Calgarian who also did all the acting. He played every part. It was quite brilliant!

It is a take off in The Wizard of Oz, only Dorothy is an old man in a rest home. Sounds weird, I know, but it works!

Tonight Jill had a trek reunion. Allen and I were back at the end of the reunion party where they showed a video with pictures from trek. It cracked my crusty heart! (I am not a big trek fan) I am really grateful for amazing youth leaders who plan things like this though, and remind them of the important things they have learned. At the end President Bester bore his testimony to them and pronounced a blessing on them that they would be strong and remember the lessons they learned on trek. It was quite powerful.

While Jill was at the trek reunion, Allen and I went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. We went to a new trendy restaurant called The Block. It was fun to go out for dinner. Maybe we'll go somewhere else next time though. :)

Tonight Jill went to the youth dance. Peirce and I went home to get to bed early because it has been a long day. Allen toughed it out and drove Jill and her friends. Of course, it always has to end with Peters. We should buy shares in that place!

Saturday....the fun never ends!!

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Gilly said...

The food drive is our favourite church activity too. It is the trick or treating we do in Sept. Great weather for the scout camp. the fall colours are beautiful.