Monday, 22 September 2014

New Swim Season

HLast week swimming started. It feels like it never stopped. Well, sort of. This past summer was a harrowing one in our swim club.

Story summary: 

1. The board fired the coach
2. The members said, "Hey, why'd do that?"
3. The board said, "We're not telling nor are we going to answer your questions or meet with anyone. Our minds are made up and we are going forward."
4. The members fired the board.
5. We have a new board.
6. We have our coach back.

There seems to be a few changes in the club too. As much as I have a lot of poor feelings forwards the previous board for the mess they created, there are some good things that appear to have come out of  the potential NCSA slaughter. We have some great communication going on these days. There are some extra things happening: more dry land training by experts and physiotherapists being consulted to make sure kids don't get repetitive strain injuries. Coaching is being shared around and kids will be coached by more people. All in all it seems like some really great moves.

So, perhaps there was some good in it all.

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