Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fabulous Day and a Lovely Night

Today has been a great day. I love PD days. I love being able to have more time with the people I work with. They are great people. I also love learning. Today we got to spend some time working too. We are changing report cards slightly and so we did some work to prepare for that.

Tonight I took the kids to their mutual activity. I had a wonderful evening. I made a phone call to the bank that I have been dreading doing for a while (why do banks get my stomach all in knots?) I said a prayer, then did it - and it went famously. I would even say the guy I talked to was nice! After that, I did a  little marking and then a lot of reading. There is nothing like sitting and reading for an hour or two straight.

I read a book called Awake and Dreaming. It is tearing up my heart!!

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