Friday, 30 October 2015

Car Thieves Strike Our Street

Earlier this month our car was stolen. It was a shock to have Allen come in the house and ask where the car was. I thought someone had tried to joke around with us. 

Not that funny!!

Here is the story:

I had picked Peirce up from swimming, then came home. I clearly remember locking the door because I was having trouble with my fob. The battery was low and it often took a number of attempts to get it to lock. So I do remember locking it. I went into the house and I hung my keys up in the back entry where I always hang them up. We had dinner. We had cleaned up. Jill and I were doing homework at the table. Alan went out at about 8 o'clock. When he came home at 9 o'clock the car was missing.

We did the usual stuff: We called our insurance company. We made a report with the police. We talked to our neighbors. It turned out the neighbors had seen someone that they think was the guy who stole the car. They think someone has consistent with their truck too. The guy was walking down the street and our neighbors said to themselves: that guy doesn't belong here. When he passed their driveway, they walked out to the end of their driveway to see where he was going. They figured he must be going down to those scoundrel's house down the street. Well, they couldn't see him. He had disappeared. That's probably because he had walked up the side of our house to go inside the house. They said he was awake guy in a white T-shirt and he looked like he was going somewhere on purpose. Soon after that our car drove away. They didn't even think that it could've been someone stealing our car. Who would ever think that anyway?

The insurance company let us know that they wanted a list of maintenance that had been done on the car. This as a way to prove the car actually existed (why would I insure a car for a year hat doesn't exist?) We called our guy. He actually lives near us. He said that that night there had been someone poking around on his deck when he came home. He chased him away and the guy stole a bike from his backyard and rode away on the bike. Turns out there was a bike in the field behind our house. We checked with our mechanic and sure enough it was his bike. So it sounds like the guy had been over at our mechanic's house, road bike down the road, hit in the field behind our house and watched us for  Who knows how long. He might have even seen Allen leave and  decided that was a good time to try coming inside. The washing machine was going. The dishwasher was going. We were all in the upper part of the house. So he walked straight into the back entry and took the key and drove away.

We had a few little run arounds where we thought the car was found. I heard a story about a car thief ring being busted up in high River by the RCMP. I checked the RCMP website, and discovered that my plate came up as a stolen vehicle that had been found. After a few days of phone calls and waiting to see the car and sending the adjuster out to see it, it turned out they were wrong and actually didn't have our car. So the insurance company settled with us and we bought a new car.

A couple weeks later, they found our car. We went to see if today to retrieve our personal belongings. My library books were there! My superstore bins were there! Sadly my wallet was also in the car. Most of that is gone. He didn't leave the Tim Horton' gift card and two Indigo bookstore gift cards. That was a nice surprise! Sadly, the garage door opener was not there. They made a real mess of the car too. One of the back windows was broken. It was the little back window behind the backseat. Why did they break that one? They had also poured pop all over the console of the car. What a mess. It's so sad to be to see something that you looked after really well, totally trashed by someone. It kind of broke my heart.

This is how they brought the car out to us. I guess the bad guy didn't leave the key.

So, The good news is now we have a new vehicle. I think it will actually be much better suited to our needs. Still doesn't change the feeling of betrayal you have when somebody comes and steals something from you.

We are much better at locking our doors now. That is for sure. Let's hope we never have to go through this again.

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