Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day 122 Wonderful Sunday

My day started off wonderfully with an outdoor walk. I really prefer to walk outside, but in the winter the sun just doesn't come up early enough. Today was really the first of my outdoor walks this year and it did my soul good! There are many reasons I love this little route.

Riding on the back of the saddle with Nana Hyde at the ranch, I was always amazed at how she could see flowers in bloom. I spy them now. Maybe it happens as you get older. Maybe I'm just more sensitive than I used to be. I don't know.

This route has special meaning for me as well because it is the birth forest from the year that Destiny was born. How amazing is it that it is so close to home?!

Some think you shouldn't exercise on Sundays. I have realized, though, that a little exercise on Sunday morning makes sitting for pretty much three hours much easier to bear. Frankly, it makes me feel more alert and get much more out of the meetings.

Today was an extra special day because Peirce was ordained a teacher. My mom came and my brother even surprised us by showing up! That was a big surprise!

I sure love Peirce. He is such a nice boy. He is kind and sensitive and has many interesting talents. He takes his responsibilities seriously. I'm really proud of him.

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