Sunday, 28 August 2016

Catching up

I think I have to quit writing the day number. It seems I messed up and I can't figure out where. Now I have missed a bunch of days.....I am not going to try to catch up. I will just continue on today. 

This has been a busy week. Going back to work is a big adjustment. I am really excited about this year though. I think it is going to be great. 

Today was stake conference and I was asked to speak. They gave me 8 minutes...hardly enough time to introduce myself! (Kidding...kind of) I really made an effort to prepare so that the message could be delivered as efficiently as possible. Not sure if I succeeded...but it's done. I was pretty nervous. I was glad to be asked though!

This also begins our change of time for church. Starting next week we have 9 am church. I am happy to go to church at 9 am mostly because it makes our Sunday more normal. I really struggle with meals when we have 9 am church. Everyone has breakfast. When we come home we eat. I figure that is good enough for the day, but others don't seem to agree. We end up having dinner too late and then I get to bed late. No more of that!

I often make bread on Sunday nights. Today we also made cinnamon buns. Yum!! 

Peirce is dog sitting for some friends. They are the nicest dogs!

It should be a fun week with them! 

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