Saturday, 20 August 2016

Day 227 Shakespeare by the Bow

Tonight Peirce and I went to Shakespeare on the Bow. Allen meant to come too but he ended up needing to go give someone a blessing. Peirce and I had a great time. He borrowed a camera from his YM Pressent and has really had a good time playing with it. Makes for leisurely walks when we are going somewhere because I'm always waiting for him to take some shots. He is getting really good!

I enjoyed the play...but not as much as others I have seen. I have to wonder if I was tainted. Earlier this summer, someone was telling me all the reasons she doesn't like Hamlet. So many times tonight I was reminded of that conversation and I have to wonder if I hadn't heard all those negative things about it if I would have even noticed. 

Oh well! I'm glad we went. 

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