Sunday, 21 August 2016

Day 228 Service

My day started with an egg emergency. Those of us in the stake RS presidency have helped with food for the Single Adult conference this weekend. I got an email saying there were boiled eggs they needed peeled today.

Oh. Ok. 

I wondered if I should go to sacrament meeting in my ward then go over there. I decided I'd get up and go right away and hopefully get to sacrament meeting. 

Wrong. It took me from 10 am until 1:00!! People would poke their head in the kitchen to see what I was doing and I'd invite them to help. They'd stay and do a few, then go on their way. Finally, once the wards meetings were ending, I asked the RS to come in and help me. About four sisters came in and we got the final eggs finished much quicker. 

I'm was surprised at how sore my thumb was. Amazing what 75+ eggs do to a person!! And who knew eggs would take that long. 

If there's ever an egg emergency again, I definitely won't go alone. 

In the afternoon Jill and Peirce wanted to go to their friend, Cedrick's, farewell. Allen took them over there and I picked them up. 

After, we hurried over to ou stake center because Jill was in charge of spaghetti for 100 people. Poor girl was really in over her head. Allen and I helped her get things going. 

By the end of it all, I was totally exhausted. I hadn't eaten and was overly tired. It sure wasn't a typical Sunday....thank goodness!!

I should have walked this morning before going to look after the eggs. Instead, tonight, all I could do is a slow walk around the block. Now I'm going to bed. 

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