Sunday, 30 December 2018

Christmas Celebrations

It sure was wonderful to talk to Jill on Christmas Day. I feel like this has been such a great Christmas. I just have felt so happy! Maybe it's a missionary blessing. 

I've also been reading lots about the Savior's birth. I was struck by the thought the other day about when Mary and Elizabeth got together. Imagine Elizabeth listening to Mary's story about how now she's a teenager and pregnant and hadn't been with anyone. Elizabeth may have thought, "Listen honey, that isn't even possible! Quit making stories up." Instead, she loved her and delighted in her news and they spent months together.  Imagine if we were all like that? If we just accepted and loved. Oh what a world, it'd be! (I feel like there's a song somewhere in there).

It sure has been a great Christmas. These are some highlights:
 Peirce got a new suit! Well, actually, Allen got a new suit, but Peirce needed one for the wedding and found out this one first him perfectly. So much for Allen's new suit. LOL

We always go to the Hudsons on the last Sunday before Christmas to sing carols. It is always a great time!

The NAckroyds have some tricks going on with us. We snuck a gargoyle into their new house (Auntie Becky does't like you know, Allen had to make an attempt to her her to appreciate them.) On Christmas Eve, they returned the gargoyle surreptitiously, along with two more dinosaur skeletons. Now, while they're away in Utah, we have plans for getting them back. Silly them, they asked us to look after their cat! LOL

It was great to have Tony here.  It was fun to take him to the Nativity Pageant. It was his first time seeing the whole Christmas story. He had a lot of questions and dad had a good discussion with him. For Chrismas he gave dad a key chain that said "#1 Dad". He really sees Allen as a father-figure. I have a feeling we will always have a connection with Tony.

The other thing we  did on Christmas Eve was dad dressed up as Santa for the Hawryluks. Only, he did things his way (of course!) He climbed up on their roof and stomped around until the kids noticed and came outside. He ho! ho! ho!d and told them to go to bed so he could come back with presents.  We also went over to see Antonio's boys. They were SOOO cute and SOOO excited. It was fun!

The boys were good helpers with dinner! Tony wanted to cut the turkey. Peirce did the gravy. It was all great!

 Chico wished he could help!

We went to a movie on Christmas Day....Aquaman. It was on the Imax screen and in 3D. Intense!! I may never go swimming again.

Allen bouth a new computer. It's fast too!! Nice!!

Most fun of all, Peirce is getting a dog!

This has been that weird week between Christmas and New Years where it's hard to figure out what day it is. It sure has been a lovely week though. I spent a bunch of time reading (finished the Book of Mormon!) and working on goals and setting up my 2019 bullet journal. All of it is so good for my soul!

We took Peirce down to Lethbridge on Boxing Day to go to Utah with the Letourneau's. He was very excited. Dad did a great job of helping him get all the things done that he needed for his trip. I was so impressed with all that they did together. Peirce made a packing list and he'd check with dad to see if he missed anything. They talked about how you figure out how much money to give to Uncle Adam to pay towards the trip, how to budget his money while he was there, etc. Peirce was totally set up for a great trip! Here are a few pictures. What a great looking bunch of cousins!

Peirce had a great time at the wedding. I'm really glad he got to go. He came home in a great mood despite driving all night (They left at 6:00 Saturday night and drove all through the night...and the roads were NOT great!) Those Letourneaus are great. He really had a great time.

This week Allen and I went out to eat at the King Eddy! It was so fun. There was a live band that was really quite a lot of fun (even though they were country!) There's nothing like enjoying good food with people dancing in their seats along with you!

Today was Zane and Zoe Clark's farewell. They both got to speak on the same day. It was a really great meeting. Zane leaves this week and Zoe leaves at the beginning of February. Zane will be in Germany, right next to Jill! We went to their open house tonight too.

I decided I'm going to tell more jokes in 2019. Here's my start: The end of the year has come and now we can say goodbye to 3 hour church! There were  so many funny things about twitter on today:
  • Everyone is trunky at 3 hour church today.
  • Time to take the 3 hour block to a farm where it can run around happily with other length church schedules.
  • I feel like going from 3 to 2 hour church is gong to impact the Foyer Gang somewhat
  • We might get 2 hour church, but that extra hour has to go somewhere. Now get ready for....3 HOUR STAKE CONFERENCE!
  • wave goodbye to 3 hour church
  • The old 3 hour church block is our generations "I used to walk uphill both ways to school in the snow." FINALLY I have something to have over my future grandkids.
  • If you're going to miss 3 hour church, here's a solution: Join the ward choir!
....okay. I'll keep working on the jokes.

I'm really excited about the home study idea of all this two hour church stuff. That kind of thing is right up my alley!

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