Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Christmas Parties!

 Here are some excerpts from Jill's last letter:

Thanks so much for your email! I really liked reading about Dave and his friend digging the hole. I've been thinking about it all day. It reminded me of one of our friends today that we're teaching who's had a really hard life. She was baptized when she was young, but left the church and has gone all over to find the hope and the peace that was right in front of her! I hope that we can help her to find what she's looking for. I know that she'll find it when she gets back to the basics of faith, repentance and renewing your covenants with the sacrament. God gives us simple things because that's all we need. Those things work, they fulfill his plan. It reminds me of the scripture from the book of Mormon that say something like " immediately shall the great plan of happiness be brought to pass in your life." when we do those ordinances, that's when God gives us more of His spirit and His peace. 

So like I mentioned before, we're in a trio now!Sister Peterson joined us. I'm excited!

Another thing that I wanted to tell you about that happened this week was the ward Christmas party! It was amazing! It definitely wasn't your average "everyone gets assigned a turkey or a dessert" party. Everyone got asked to bring something to share! So we ate food from the ivory coast, from Congo, from France, from Madagascar, and from the United States! It was a FEAST. Soeur Ethington doesn't like African food but I LOVED IT. One of the things I like about African food is that they make a lot!

Another thing I loved was the program. It definitely wasn't polished or beautiful or anything special. The missionaries actually did a musical number too and it was HORRIBLE. But I loved sitting at a table with this lady that we're working with and our recent converts and their little babies. I was amazed at how my heart was sooo full. I know that even though I'm far from my family that I love so much, Heavenly Father is going to give me a great Christmas with the people I love. He's blessed me so much to be able to share the gospel with the people here. When I tell them that He loves them, it makes me love them too! Christmas is a great time to be a missionary. 

Love you! I look forward to hearing back from you!

This is the team of missionaries at the Paris France Temple Visitor's Center.

This is at the ward Christmas party. Jill said it was TERRIBLE. Her companion said they sounded like screeching goats. LOL

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