Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Death to Viruses!!

I've had a long frustrating day battling viruses on my computer. I'm proud to say though that I think I've conquered them all. I started the morning with a virus scan only to find out that I had 26 viruses that Norton couldn't fix. ARGH!!! The viruses were in the email program I use for work and today it says it isn't supported by Norton (although Norton has done the job before). However, since June I've had this problem creep up again and again. The first time I paid $100 to someone to get rid of them. Then a couple weeks later the viruses were back (luckily they had a 30 day guarantee!) And then again a few weeks later I had them again...and somehow I bamboozled them into fixing it all again. It took hours and I tried to pay attention to how they did it (they did this funky thing where they take over your computer) but it was over my head. Well, today when I suddenly had 26 new viruses I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands. After doing a little research about the options I checked into a few other virus programs. Finally I decided the best thing to do would be to rid myself of the strange email program I had been asked to use when I first started working for this company. Enough was enough! I tried to try Outlook but things weren't going too well. Finally, one of my managers told me she uses Thunderbird and so I downloaded it and even imported all my folders! I even uninstalled Norton and then reinstalled it (for some reason it has always had firewall issues on my laptop) and now it seems to be working just fine! Even better news.....I just ran an entire system scan and they're all gone. HA!! TAKE THAT YOU NASTY VIRUSES!!!

....and I did it all while having very good hair today. :0) LOL

Now I just have to get caught up on my work after spending ALL DAMN DAY doing this. Grrrrr!

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JA Crew said...

way to go! i HATE viruses. we once lost all our most frequently used programs, files, etc. i lost austin's journal (all the more reason to have it one paper...) and all the little videos and pics and stuff from when he was a baby til about 2. it was heartbreaking! i'm glad you got it all figured out though. (oh and i love that poster!)