Thursday, 18 September 2008


I really hummed and hawed over whether or not to put Peirce in swim club this year. For 2 years he's gone to the pool and watched Jill swim. I wondered if he was too young. Jill didn't start until Grade 3 and Grade One seems to totally wear Peirce out! However, it made sense to have them both do an activity at the same place (I'd hoped for the same time...but I guess you can't have it all) and so I went ahead and enrolled him. He loves it!!

Once again, I've learned that my kids are happier kid when they're worked hard! Most days after school so far this year there's been bickering and whining and just plain old tired kids. We go to swimming and they're happy and agreeable and cooperative after....and all night!
That's worth the money it costs!!

Today Allen rode to school on bike with the kids. From the stories he tells, it sounds like we should do that more often. There are some things about road safety that they just don't get yet - and it doesn't seem to be intrinsic for them - so we'll need to do some family biking in order to make sure they can figure out how to do it safely. Peirce also doesn't have some of the little subtlities about bike riding (maybe that's why he still can't give up the training wheels!) They're sitting at an intersection and Peirce says, "Dad! I'm tipping". Peirce rides on a co-pilot bike that is attached to Alen's bike. He never takes his feet off the pedals!! So they stop somewhere and he doesn't stay up - but can't figure out why. LOL

....sometimes they seem so bright...and sometimes....????

All I know, is I have a renewed desire to keep my kids really active.

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Shirley Wilson said...

Did you know there is a place in the city you can take your kids and they can learn bike safety. Where it is, I am not too sure. Maybe call the City of Calgary and find out.

My kids went there in about grade 3 or so for a field trip. Maybe they don't even have it any more.

Auntie Shirley