Sunday, 21 September 2008

New World Record!

Here's an interesting thing with goal setting! I'm starting to really believe in the idea that you have to write down your goals. They had a goal to be in the Guiness Book of World Records...well, today they got to participate in something that did that! Check this out:

We did break the record. In church today they said we collected 500,000 pounds of food. They figure a pound is usually about $2 worth of food - and so that's $1 million dollars!

I helped organize the food drive for our ward last year. They told us that the food bank has traditionally had to borrow money in the fall to make it through to December when they receive the bulk of their donations. However, since the church has been doing this food drive they don't have to borrow money anymore.

The interesting thing is it really isn't that big a deal. It took us about an hour or two to deliver the flyers, and less than an hour to pick up all the food - and maybe 30% (that might be generous) actually had food donations out.....and with many people's little effort a HUGE difference is made. I love that!!

Oh....and here's a good part of the story too. This was all started by a man my husband and happened to get to know through church when we were first married. He did it as a High Priest group activity.... and it expanded to involve the ward, and then the stake and soon they decided to do it city wide (also High River and Airdrie do it on the same day for their food banks).

Wouldn't it be something to come up with a group activity that expanded like that and ended up making such a difference!

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