Saturday, 6 December 2008

Anti-Coalition Rally

Well, today the kids and I decided to go speak up against The Coalition. I've never been to a political rally before and wondered if bringing my kids was a good idea - but in the end I think it was a good experience. It was pretty tame....just a bunch of people waving signs and yelling. Now and then they'd break out in a chant or start singing Oh Canada. J&P thought it was a blast!

Peirce hadn't made a sign but scooped one that someone had abandoned. :0)
Jill's sign said "Coalition Smoalition". Love it!

One of pet peeves in this is that supporters of the coalition keep bringing up that 63% of Canadians did not vote conservative, so really the coalition has the majority vote. This is such a moot point I find it almost laughable. There were 5 choices in the last election (excluding independents), not a choice between conservative and everyone else. People did not vote for a choice of conservative or a coalition of the other 4. To get specific, 62.37% of Canadians did not vote conservative. However, 73.76% did not vote Liberal, 81.8% did not vote NDP, 90.03% did not vote BQ, and 93.2% did not vote Green. I guarantee the results would have been completely different had there only been 2 choices (Conservative or "other") and so there is no way to compare the two scenarios. I realize that the coalition isn't doing anything illegal and that it is part of our system to allow these kinds of things - but it doesn't mean we have to sit back and let anyone think we like it.

Jill wanted to go see the Famous Five statues.

Some people had left their signs there and we had fun taking pictures with the statues. I felt a great sense of gratitude for those women today. I told Jill and Peirce their story and when I told Peirce that women were once not able to vote, to own land, and things like that he said, "That's really dumb." Funny. Sometimes we shake our heads at the sliding morality in our world. Yet our children shake their head's at the systems that used to be accepted as matter of fact.

After we'd had enough of the rally we went over to the library and hung out for a while. Here's how I found Jill:

I guess some good came out of our trip to the rally!

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