Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Missionary Zeal

My kids are missionaries. Jill was telling her friend the other day why we're called Mormons. Her friend wanted a Book of Mormon. We had the missionaries over today so they gave her a book to give to her friend. So Peirce wanted one too. Tonight I found the note he wrote to his friend that he's giving the book to. (I'd take a picture but my camera is being weird these days). His note says (spelling mistakes and all):

Dear lucy can you pleas read this book its realy spishal it mait not have complet sentinsize because its from a long time ago. Pleas give it to your perents to read when your done. Pleas read a chapter a day.

Gotta love that.


Monica said...

That is so sweet!! You must be proud.

Amy said...

That is so awesome!! You have great kids!!

Becky said...

Pierce's letter is priceless!

Kim Hawryluk said...

aw! That's so cute!