Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dear Pregnancy Loss,

Actually, Pregnancy Loss, I don't want to call you "dear" because you have hurt me so much. Pregnancy entered my life dressed as joy and anticipation and then by surprise you took away that which I looked so forward to.

For many you are cold and cruel and thorny. However, in the moments you've been in my life you were careful to make our experience as gentle as possible. For that I can thank you. You brought with you a quiet reverence for life that has touched my heart. You held open the veil for a moment to help solidify my faith that there's more to our family that what we now know. You've helped me look forward, with great anticipation, to the time that I will be surrounded by all my children. You've touched me in a way that makes me want to be kinder to all - especially to all children.

While I really don't want to invite you into my life again, I wonder if your presence was more of an assignment. I don't think yo uwanted to hurt me. I think you wanted to help me to grow, and to do more than survive, to become someone who discovers inner-strength and remembers to be a little gentler, while sharing with others what I have learned.

I think one day I may even be able to say thank you for coming into my life. Once my heart has recovered, maybe I will be able to say thank you.

Time will tell.



Gilly said...

This is a beautiful tendre post. You are a great example.

Anonymous said...

I love you my dear friend Dawn!