Friday, 19 March 2010

The Littlest Pirate

While Jill and Allen were listening to Olympians, Peirce and I were at Storybook Theatre getting inspired by pirates.

The play was called The Littlest Pirate. It's only about an hour long and the story is really fun. It's about a boy named Bobby who hates going to bed (of course). His grandma comes to babysit him and she falls asleep while reading him a story about pirates. He decides to go to pirate school and sneaks out the window to become a real pirate. It's a cute adventure accompanied with bad guys that are scared of bunnies and a big surprise at the end about his Grandma.
At the end of the play they give all the kids a pirate certificate and the actors all sign it. The plays are really interactive. When Bobby goes to pirate school they talk about all the things a pirate needs: they need to talk like a pirate, and look like a pirate, etc. When they talk about looking like a pirate they give paper pirate hats to all the kids.

Even though Peirce thinks he's all grown up and too cool for stuff....he really eats this up. And you know, so do I!

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