Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Lately I feel so blessed with the friendships I have. Here are a couple examples

Yesterday Allen was to pick up Peirce from his Art Camp at 4:00. He called me at 3:55 and said he had run out of gas! ACK! I quickly though of who I knew that lived close to where he was at his art camp. I ended up calling someone from the ward we used to live in....someone I really admire and like but don't talk to very often at all except when we run into each other. I quickly explained the pickle we were in and asked if she could go pick up Peirce. "Sure!" she said. She picked him up and brought him home. I'm so grateful to have people I can call when I'm in a squeeze like that! The truth is, I have quite a long list of people I could call in if in a bind.

Today I went with a friend to visit another friend at the hospital. She has recently had surgery to remove some precancerous cells. It was so wonderful to visit with her and to hear of the miracles she's experienced. I left thinking about how blessed I am to have her in my life because whenever we visit we have conversations that leave me feeling uplifted and grateful. I felt like going to visit was giving something to her, but instead I was richly blessed.
Life is good.

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