Sunday, 20 June 2010

Age Group Trials

Here's Jill with some of her crazy swim club friends. They sure have a good time together and have become good friends! This is Kristen, Bryce, Stephanie, Mykayla, Jill and Sophia. Great group of girls!

Another busy swimming weekend! This one was in Lethbridge and it was the B Provincials. It was a lot of fun! All the kids swam really well and accomplished some great things. Jill had 7 races. She got in the finals for one of her races on Saturday. On Sunday she was the first alternative in two races and second alternate in another. Unfortunately everyone showed up for the finals so she didn't get to swim.
It was a character building weekend. Jill had a goal to get an A time. She had the best chance in the 100 Fly. Unfortunately, when she dove in her goggles came off. She decided to fix them half way into her first 50, which got her disqualified. So disappointing! Her time was one second off an A time, even with all that. If she hadn't been DQd she would have been #3 or #4 in that race...and had a good chance for a medal! Instead, she learned a lesson. You can't break your stroke in the have to wait until the wall to do anything like fix your goggles. I bet she'll never make that mistake again!
Peirce had a great weekend too. He got to spend one day with cousins, hang out at Grandma's, and run around the meet with his friends. He did it all in one weekend!

This is some weird sculpture at the entrance to the Phys Ed building at the University of Lethbridge. I was especially thrilled to seem my children crawling all over this dirty and rusty piece of metal with sharp corners that was resting on cement *sigh*
These two boys from the club often were in the finals together this weekend. Every time they each got a medal in the same race they did their little Huka dance. Quite entertaining!

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