Monday, 14 June 2010

Kids These Days!

Today I subbed in a Grade 1 class. Normally those little guys really drain me - but today was quite a gem of a class and I really enjoyed the day.

We were reading one of their "basil-type" readers. It was a story about a child whose little sister thinks she's a princess. After their dad read The Princess and the Pea to them she decided to give her sister the same test. As we were reading I asked who had read The Princess and the Pea. Blank stares. Finally one kid said, "I think I saw the movie!" After a bit of talking a bunch of others realized they'd seen the movie too.

But no one had read the story from a book.

Oh the pain!! I had to go find it and read it to them. It's just not right that some kids are missing out on these stories!

If I were to teach full-time again we would do a heck of a lot more reading to kids, I think!

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