Friday, 4 June 2010

Now That's How I Like to Shop!

Truth be told, I hate shopping. I hate wandering through the malls. I rarely do it - even at Christmas time.

Problem: Jill wanted a new dress for her Gr 6 farewell assembly. She wanted to go shopping and I was dreading it.

We found a great solution though! The weather is perfect for bike riding so I suggested to her she go to the mall on her bike and peruse the selection, and if she finds something perfect we'll go check it out tonight.

Sure enough she did. So true to the promise we headed over to the mall after dinner. Went straight to the store, found the dress, she tried it on, we bought it. Then we went home.

It was perfect!


Alysha Sladek said...

sweet! I'm SO not a shopper! That's such a great idea :)

Leslie Townsend-Artisan Soapmaker Extroidinaire said...

I don' t hate the Mall, I just hate shopping there with my husband....or kids.