Sunday, 19 September 2010

Back in the Two Car Family Way

We are the proud owners of a new van! Well, okay. It isn't exactly a new van. It's an old van. Quite old - but I'm so grateful for it! And no, I'm not going to post a picture. :0) I'm really not a car person. I like fancy cars - I just don't like how much money you have to sink into them. I'd much rather use the money in other ways - which I think sometimes drives my husband crazy. He'd like for me to have a beautiful new car...but I don't want the car payment. Nope!

I am so grateful to soon be able to run errands, book visiting teaching appointments, not have to get up and drive Allen to 6 am Bishopric meetings so we can come later to the church on our own, and drive myself to and from school....and when it works for me! Perhaps I will pick up my kid after school sometimes, or even drive them to school - and when we want to - we'll go to DQ and go through the drive thru for a treat......things we haven't been able to do for 9 months or more! Not only that, Allen can be free to set appointments and work and not have to worry about driving us around all the time. Oh the freedom!! Life can only get better from here on out! LOL

We decided to be a one car family for a while to cut down on expenses. Last year was not kind to us income wise. Luckily those issues are changing and things are improving. The darn sub-prime mortage fiasco and ensuing market issues really stabbed us where it hurt. However, we've survived and are stronger as a result.

In time maybe we'll even get a newer van. Until then, I'm grateful for a vehicle with an engine that runs so well! Tomorrow we'll call the insurance company to get it insured, get it registered - and then I'm off!! YEA!!!

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