Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Superintendent

The Superintendent: I know. It probably isn't right to capitalize "the" in the post below. It seems to me though that THE is an important part of his title. He's the guy in charge. Da boss. Da big cheese. Here's hoping he's a nice guy!

The visit from The Superintendent went well. Well, sort of well. I was well prepared and the lesson came off without a hitch. The Superintendent came in part-way through the lesson and sat at the back. That kid who always has to interrupt of course had to say, "Mrs. Ackroyd, who is that?" Grrrr! Do we have to talk about that??!

I introduced The Superintendent and we continued on with the lesson.

He sat in the back writing feverishly the whole time. I wished he would smile. I wished he would participate. I wished he wouldn't just sit there and write and write and write.

I tried to not let myself be nervous but I was. Apparently quite nervous - because at 9:10 I got everyone to line up quickly for music - only to discover that I hadn't paid close enough attention to the timetable. Music starts at 9:20 on Wednesdays.

We got into the room and the music teacher says: "What are you guys doing here?"

Me: "What do you mean? We have music today don't we?"

Music teacher: "Yes - but it starts at 9:20 and I'm really not ready for you yet. Can you take them back and come back in ten minutes?"

Me: "Oh!! Sorry! Sure."

The mortification process sets in. As I walk back down the hall with my class I realize that The Superintendent is STILL in my classroom. So now he gets to see me parade my class out, parade back in, and go back to the writing lesson.

Oh the pain!! Sometimes I'm such a loser!!

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