Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wrecking Mine and Everyone Else's Sleep!

Apparently my sleeping in days are over. I try to get to school early to get a head start on the day. On Sundays we have 9 am church. On Saturdays Jill has a swim practise at 6 am, and now on Thursdays she has one at 5:30 am!

Oh my goodness! I got up at 4:30 today!

I took her to swimming then went to the school at 6 am. I sure got a lot done! ....but man, 3:30 pm sure took a long time to arrive.....I feel like I used to feel when I worked for Canadian Airlines. I may never feel well rested again. I'm sure of it.

Today was the Terry Fox Run. I didn't run - just walked with all the fat kids. :0) After school Jill had a cross-country meet so I hurried off to that. Then we lost Peirce so I ran around the park in a panic (more on that story later) until I found him. Then we hurried off to get Peirce to Cubs late once again, then took Jill to YW, and waited for them to be finished. Right now at 8:30 pm I feel as close to a zombie as I've ever felt.

Oh, and to top it off, I set off the alarm in the school. When I went in I saw that the light with the lock on it was lit up - which seemed to say that the alarm was on.

So I called the number by the alarm for the alarm company. After a long conversation with a guy who barely seemed to understand English (and I'm pretty sure English IS his first language) he said it was fine to go in. However, as soon as I stepped past the foyer I heard a beeping. Oh dear. So I went back to the foyer and stood there and wondered if I really should go in. I finally decided that I set it off so I might as well go see if I could find that paper in my classroom that tells me how to get into the school after hours. I found it and realized there was a different number to call - so I called that one. It was pretty much the same conversation - don't worry about it. You're fine. So I got to work. About 30 minutes later some old guy with a flashlight who clearly just got out bed comes into my classroom. He's the maintenance guy they send in to see if there really is a break-in.


I think I owe the poor guy cookies.

Apparently they're going to get me a security pass code now though!

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