Wednesday, 22 September 2010

So how's your teaching job going?

The pat question these days seems to be, "So, how's your teaching job going?"

Today it's going well. It's a roller-coaster. Some days are great and I think, "I love this!" and some days are terrible and I think, "I'll never get this!!"

Luckily there are more good days than bad days. I really have felt like I have been on a steep learning curve and feel like a first year teacher all over again. I suppose that's par for the course when it's been 12 years since I taught full time.

I think I will get good at this. In the little conversations in the staff room and work room I often get, "Don't worry, you have the toughest class in the school." If that's true, then I should feel pretty good about myself because if that is the case, then I'd have to say it's going quite well.

Next week the Superintendant is going to visit my classroom. Oh boy!! Let's hope that one is a good day!

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