Monday, 18 April 2011

I Love Primary

I have been thinking today about how much I love my calling. I ran into someone at the swim meet this past weekend who used to be in a ward with me. We chatted for quite a while to catch up with each other. One of our topics was callings we've loved and hated. When I was called to be the Primary President in my ward I laughed and said I wasn't sure I was the right person for the job because I really don't like other people's children. The Bishop laughed too and continued with his invitation. I have had the calling now for two years, and I have to say, I have sure grown to love other people's children. Even some of them, in their less than lovable moments, are dear to my heart. A couple of times the Bishop has asked me if this calling is too much for our family since my husband is also in the Bishopric. Sometimes I think it is, but I sure can't imagine serving anywhere else. I love it and am happy to continue to serve n primary. I have also really grown to admire the parents of children in our ward. Their kids are so darn good, and that doesn't happen by chance. What a great bunch of people I get to rub shoulders with!

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