Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Zombiekins (Kevin Bolger)

One thing about having a boy is that I have to do a little more work to find books that interest hm. It was easy to share the books I loved growing up with Jill. Peirce isn't always quite as thrilled with my suggestions.

The other day Jill and I went to Coles and I ran into "Sir Fartsalot slays the Booger". I knew it would be a winner. However, I also have a personal book policy which means I have to check the library first (and besides, do I really want Sir Fartsalot on my bookshelf for the long term?)

Well, the library doesn't have that book. But they did have another one by that author called Zombiekins, so I figure we would give it a try.

Well, big hit, to say the least!

We started it tonight. After each chapter where I attempted to put the book down I would hear, "Just one more chapter, please!"

Can't really argue with that!

The best part was listening to Peirce laugh. It was the bust a gut, from the bottom of your belly, kind of laughing. It was great!! I would end up laughing just because he was laughing so hard.

The bit about the author says he is from Ontario and taught school for ten years before he wrote the Sir Fartsalot. A lot of the descriptive paragraphs about leaving the classroom with a bathroom pass and the trip there, or about the mean teacher (Mr. Baldengrumpy) just made me chuckle. I think this guy really does have kids figured out!

.....I might just go spend the $12 to get Sir Fartsalot after we finish Zombiekins. We read half of it (103 pages!) tonight!

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