Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Scriptures and Song

On Saturday Peirce and I got to volunteer at Storybook Theatre and we saw Joseph and the Amazong Tevhnicolor Dreamcoat. I have always loved that story and have told my kids the story a lot, so Peirce was quite familiar with the story. Still, I was amazed at how much he got out of it. And it has caused my heart to swell to see how he has found the music on You Tube to listen to it over and over, and he even found the lyrics online to print them off and sing along. He loves the music and he sure knows the story now!! Storybook Theatre did a great job of it. I loved it! I keep telling people they should go see it. Tonight I went with Jill. We volunteered again, and therebwas no way Peirce was going to miss out. He loved it even more the second time! There is magic in that show. I wish we could get Andrew Lloyd Webber to write some Book of Mormon musicals. Imagine??!

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