Thursday, 21 April 2011

Maybe They Are Learning!

Sometimes you don't realize how much your kids know until now and then you overhear conversations they have with others. Peirce was talking with a friend about Easter. He said something about Jesus and Easter, and his friend said, "Jesus?! There's no Jesus stuff in Easter. Easter's all about fun!" Peirce kind of looked at me, we both shrugged and went on. Then another day he was talking with someone about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was an adult and he hadn't heard of the play, so Peirce was explaining it. He did a pretty good job explaining where the story is from and what it's about. He explained that there's this guy Jacob who has a favorite son named Joseph. The person he was talking to said, "Oh! Joseph! Is he the guy that hooked up with Mary?" Peirce responded, "No silly. We're talking about the Old Testament, not the New Testament." Clearly there was some scripture understanding there that Peirce had that this person really didn't. It warmed my heart. Sometimes I wonder if our efforts to teach kids the scriptures are working - but clearly Peirce has some good knowledge that your average adult doesn't seem to!

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