Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Life seems to run full speed around here. I have now been off work for a week, Christms has come and gone, and it feels like the dust is starting to settle.

This has been a diffent year for us because Jill hasn't been home for Christmas. If anyone would have told me that would happen when I had a 14 year old I would have never believed them. She is gone on an away swim camp in La Jolla, CA. She is having lots of fun and they are working her hard: two swim workouts a day and two dry land workouts. And the workouts are tough ones! She is a tough kid though. Christmas has been much quieter without her. We really miss her.

We spend Christmas Eve with Nathan and Becky and their kids. Every time we hang out with them I think that we should do more of that. I sure enjoy them.

Christmas morning came early. We mentioned to Peirce that it would be nice if he slept until 6 am. So at 6:01, there he was. Merry Christmas! We opened gifts, had waffles made with my new waffle iron, and then went to a movie! It was a very relaxing and lovely day.

On Boxing Day we went to my mom's house and visited. We had dinner with Aunt Shirley and her husband, and my mom's friend, Marion. Later My cousin, Brad and his wife, Jill, and Uncle Clifford came over to visit as well. It is always nice to see them.

Today feels like the nothing day.....I should be cleaning and organizing and sewing....but maybe one more day of laziness isn't so bad. I have a long list of things I wanted to do over the break, so tomorrow I will have to get busy. Until then, I am sure enjoying the rest!!

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