Saturday, 1 December 2012


Have you ever had one of those moments where you're in the middle of living and it all suddenly comes to a screeching halt and you stop and wonder, is this real??

The past two days we've had PD days. A teacher that I really admire was talking about her class. She has a bunch of real crackers in her class. They're quick and smart and catch on to everything quickly. She said that when one or two are finished she stops the activity and moves on to something else (she gives them flexible time later to finish things up). Why does she do this? Because, in her words, she can't just have them sit and read quietly. That's such a waste of time.


Do you really feel that way??

My heart was aching in that moment.


Alysha said...

Am I understanding this right?... so if a few kids are finished and the rest aren't the rest aren't allowed to finish??? That blows my mind! first off, not everyone finishes things at the same speed. 2nd, what's wrong with reading? ridiculous!

Dawn said...

Well, she did say she plans in some time for them to work on whatever isn't finished. But ya, the reading part. I didn't know what to say....and I couldn't get it out of my may tarnish my relationship with her forever! LOL