Friday, 12 February 2016

Day 43 Fun With Jill

Today, after all the PD fun was over, Jill and I got busy looking at grad dresses.

So many choices!!! She tried on dozens. I took a few pics until I found out I wasn't supposed to be doing that. Oops!

After, we met Allen and went for dinner (Peirce is off at a scout camp and Bobby is on a little trip with his mom!)

All the dresses give a dad a migraine!

And the dress prices!! Eeek!

Tonight Jill and I went to Theatre Calgary. She and Allen bought tickets for my birthday so we could go see The Little Prince. I loved it so much!! The set and costumes were extraordinary. The music was perfect. The orchestra conductor was as entertaining as the play. She played two different keyboards WHILE leading the orchestra. Wowza!!

Best parking spot ever!! A birthday miracle!

The lights. The sheep. The emotion!

Well the prince was sitting and watching sunsets, everyone in the audience turned on their sheepy lights.....

It was amazing. Made me emotional! Stage brilliance.

Most of all, it was a great day with my great girl.

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