Saturday, 13 February 2016

Day 44 Quiet Saturday! was a quiet day. After getting Jill to swimming then to work, I had it all to myself! Now that is something that hasn't happened for a LONG time! I exercised extra, cleaned a little, read a lot, did a few errands and got groceries.

I'm used to put my turkey kids in the cart. These turkeys are much less demanding :)

Peirce went on a two day scout camp this weekend and got home late this afternoon. He was soooo tired! He went straight to bed....woke up for pizza....then went back to sleep. I guess that means he had a great time!

Tonight Jill and I went and saw Lord of the Flies at Storybook Theatre. That was intense!

This is Catherne, the Front of House Manager and former student teacher at our school! We miss her!

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