Monday, 29 February 2016


This week I have been studying this article on the women who made the trek with the Zion's Camp expedition (oh how I'd love to go to that conference!). More of an effort is being made to find out the stories women in the church. According to this article, there weren't any journals, diaries or letters from any of the women on the trek to Zion's Camp. 

We have to always be sure to record our history. We need tosSpeak up for ourselves. Interestingly, I would say that in the church now, women are more likely to be the ones that write stories and record history. I wonder how the stories are perceived? Is it "women's work"....that work of lesser value? I hope not. 

We need to not be afraid of what many would negatively coin as self-promotion. We need to tell our stories. We need to tell the stories of women in the past. Today as I sat through a lesson on one of the prophets, I wondered why we don't learn about more women in church history. The lesson was great, and I love the prophets....but really, doesn't it make sense that we might study the lives of women who might inspire us? 

Some think women should be quiet and not try to be powerful (or worse, pushy!) I don't think this is true. Elder Nelson, in his talk, A Plea to My Sisters seems to disagree as well. He says we need women who'll speak up and organize and defend.

"He (Joseph Smith) continued to read the chapter (1 Cor. 12), and give instructions respecting the different offices, and the necessity of every individual acting in the sphere allotted him or her, and filling the several offices to which they are appointed. He spoke of the disposition of many men to consider the lower offices in the Church dishonorable, and to look with jealous eyes upon the standing of others who are called to preside over them; that it was the folly and nonsense of the human heart for a person to be aspiring to other stations than those to which they are appointed of God for them to occupy; that it was better for individuals to magnify their respective calling, and wait patiently till God shall say to them, 'come up higher.'" (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 223-2)

A she-shall-remain-unnamed friend was planning an activity for the women in her ward. She emailed  her Bishop and his reply was curt and off the cuff. He dismissed her idea and asked her to do something totally different instead. I was mad. I was offended. Did he not know how much time in thought and prayer she had put into this plan? We talked about how frustrated she felt for getting herself in such a corner. Thinking about it, I realized she should have gone to him with the thought and reasoning and work she had done. Maybe he assumed she was being quite haphazard in her planning.  It is hard know. There is a lesson to be learned though! "Sales" is key to success.

I'm taking Elder Nelson's call seriously. I think it is important that the voices of women are heard. To actually be listened anywhere, planning the delivery of our message is key. One of the challenges is the pat on the head and dismissal sometimes received when women do speak up. A well thought out discussion is key.

No more wasted words! In order to be a better thinker, I'm going to work more on my writing. I'm going to plan carefully and prayerfully how I will present ideas. With God at my side, nothing is impossible!

"I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up" (D&C 84:88).

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