Monday, 15 February 2016

Day 46 Family Day

Swim practice was scheduled for a leisurely 8 am today. Nice!

Jill got her special hoodie from Coach Dave for Westerns.

Nicest hoodie ever, I'd say!!

While Jill swam I read Bridge to Terabithia again. I am starting to really appreciate the value of re-reading books. I think this was my third time with this one.

After, Jill and I went fabric shopping. We should save about $900 by sewing her dress ourself. Wowza!!

"Don't make me carry it mom. It will wreck my taper."

We bought the fabric at Fabric Warehouse. What a place!!

Then we went and volunteered at the Flames game. Jill stays in the car and reads as long as possible.

 After, we celebrated Family Day with dinner out at Smash burger, Peirce's favourite place. I should have taken a picture of Peirce in his fancy new cardigan he bought today. He looks totally scholarly in it.

Finger lick-in' good!!

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