Friday, 8 July 2016

Day 185 Miami

This morning we went to some meetings. They were pretty different from most PFS meetings....much more technical. I guess that is how investment trips are (so the trip experts say). 

We walked along the beach to go to a restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, along the way Allen tripped and hurt his ankle quite bad. Poor guy! It really put a kink in his afternoon plans. 

Lunch was great though! We went to a place called Havannah's. Real Cuban cuisine. It was great.

I love the buildings. Peirce would have a hay day taking pictures here. 

Tonight was "Dine Around". We ate at a restaurant called Cibo's. It was an 11 course meal!! When they cleared away our appetizer plates and brought our dinner plates I knew I was in trouble. So much food!! We were there for about three hours. It was an Olympic event!! 

Jeff (from head office), Rhonda Graham, Natasha Pinder, Allen, Ken Pinder, Roy Kern and Bob Graham. A fun group!!

The elevator wall was full of bag tags to different destinations from Miami. "Follow your dreams" seemed appropriate for a trip like this. 

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