Saturday, 16 July 2016

Day 193 My Good Life

This whole week since we have been home it pretty much won't quit raining! It is dreary....but my life is sunshiny, in general!  It is a good life I have. 

It's a Here is how my day went today:

5:45 wake up and contemplate whether I should wear my exercise clothes to the Talisman and walk while Jill swims or if I should shower and put on real clothes. I decided I had enough time so I showered. 

Shower and dress, put some snacks together, tidy the kitchen a little and at 6:30 we were off!

7:00-9:00 Sit with Chico, recline the driver's seat and finish reading Brain Rules (it was due today!) and start a graphic novel that will be perfect for my class

9:00-10:30 drive Jill to work, return books that are due today to the library before it opens, then stay a while, find a couple more books for my TBR list and read a bit. Pick up prescriptions for Jill and then go home. 

10:30-12:30 Exercise, put dinner in the crock pot, talk to Peirce and Zoe (she's visiting from Lethbridge) and tidy up a bit. 

12:30 1:30 Massage at Good Life. Now and then I get too ambitious and try to increase the pace of my walks. I did that this week and have had a sore hip ever since. The massage was a great choice (thanks to Allen for encouraging me to do that) 

2:00 - 3:20 Hang around at Starbucks while I wait for Jill to finish work. Read (The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner is next), blog and just enjoy some quiet time. 

3:30-5:00 Make dinner, hang out with the family

IT really is a good life I have. 

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