Sunday, 10 July 2016

Day 187 Traveling Home

Even the post office in Miami is beautiful!

We were in the shuttle to the airport when we went over a bridge. We both gasped at how beautiful the water was. People were water skiing. Some were fishing. Some were just meandering along in boats. So beautiful!

As much as I have loved Miami, I'm happy to be going home as well. 

I don't know how we got so lucky, but our flight didn't leave until 12:30 today. We had a leisurely morning with breakfast and packing up. When it was time to get on the shuttle, we showed up just as they were about to leave, so we didn't even have to wait then. When we went to check in, the guy was super nice and he didn't charge us for our luggage. I'm not sure why he decided to forget to do that! I didn't even realize it until we were down at the gate. Our flight from Miami to Montreal was uneventful, which is always good. In Montreal we picked up our luggage and took it to the next flight after we had cleared customs. Boy were we surprised when we got on the next flight and found that we had been upgraded! That guy in   Miami was nicer than we ever knew! I wish I could go back and thank him. It was so nice to sit in such a comfortable seat and to even be served food and lots of drinks and be given hot cloths to refresh ourselves. It was wonderful!

Becky Ackroyd picked us up at the airport (thank you!) and even let us use her air pump in her van to pump up Allen's flat tire when we got home. It was wonderful to see our kids and visit with them.

The trip was wonderful. Getting home is even wonderfuler!

Now we need to get to work so we can get on the next trip to Disneyworld!

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