Saturday, 8 July 2017

Summer Vacation Day 8/54 Saturday!

Only 46 days left of summer vacation. I'm thoroughly enjoying my summer.

This year I moved classrooms. I'm going to be out in the portable. Since it's the furthest point from the staff room, I decided I needed a few amenities. I'm borrowing a fridge and water cooler and today  I got a microwave! Yahoo!! Now if only there was a bathroom in the portable.

There was shopping going on today! Allen got himself a new lunch bag....big enough to fit Chico! Peirce got some new clothes for school. 

I went to the gym in the morning and did some work on my Relief Society lesson tomorrow. Tonight Jill finally got home. On Tuesday she went to the airport to be on ready reserve (that means, be dressed and packed and sit there and wait to see if they need you). I think her plan was that she'd just be at the airport for four hours. She was wrong. Instead she was gone for five days!! She got sent to Toronto on a red-eye on Tuesday. On Wednesday she was sitting on the plan ready to dead-head home when she got a phone call asking if she would go to LHR! She got off the plane and was off. She got back on this continent on Saturday and then did some flights from Toronto to Vancouver to Calgary. She finally got home tonight. What week!

Tonight Peirce went to a pool party with his friend, Keira and her dad (it was a party for a friend of her dad). Jill went to the stampede with her friends. Busy kids!

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