Thursday, 27 July 2017

Summer Vacation day 27 of 54...half way!

Today I'm halfway through my summer break. We haven't had any travel plans this summer since it's really too much for Allen. I've quite enjoyed being home and taking care of many things around here that I've neglected. I probably need to up my game in that arena though. Only 27 more days to do it!

This day started out good!! I made a breakfast casserole with hasbrowns, sweet potatoe, yellow pepper, zucchini, tomato sauce and eggs. It was a hit! We had salsa with it and it was really great. It was good I cooked this in the morning because I sure didn't feel like cooking the rest of the day!

Today Jill is in Frankfurt!! She is really loving it. I heard from her on Facebook tonight and she is contemplating faking a sickness so that she has to stay longer. LOL

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