Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Summer Vacation Day 11/54 Busy Tuesday

Today was kind of messed up. After picking up Jill so late last night, I also got to get up and drive her to the airport at 5:15 am. Ugh!! I came home and went back to bed. However, having half an hour or so of wake up time seemed to mess up my morning. I still did my 5 km at the gym, but man, was it hard!! I definitely need sleep to be able to do it well (or at least as well as I can do it).

This afternoon Peirce had lots of fun lined up. I drove him to his friend, Ella's house. She has moved to a beautiful house in the SW! Peirce loves hanging out with Ella because she is fabulous at baking and always seems to have something baked when he comes over. They went to the Stampede. He was supposed to take the bus home for roundezvous #2 - but at 5:00 (when he was supposed to be home) I got a text asking if I'd pick him up at the Stampede Grounds. I couldn't so instead he took the bus to McMahon and I picked up his friend, Danae, so they could go watch the marching bands. Who would have ever thought my quiet boy would be such a socialite!! Sheesh.

Jill got home tonight at about 5:00. Look what she found at the airport! Seniore's pizza is a pizza place that is right by our house. We love it! Lots of people love it. Apparently, they love it so much they pick it up and eat it before heading off to the airport. Too funny.

Today Allen had a follow up visit with Dr Eric Smith at the stroke clinic. They don't really have any answers for him and are pretty happy with how he is recovering. His stroke was in his frontal lobe on the left side - which is why it affects his facial muscles on the right side. They put him in yet another study to monitor his heart. Dr Smith said they had really exhausted all the tests they could do to try to figure out why he had the stroke. It makes no sense that he had one - but luckily, he is recovering and is likely to totally recover. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again!

Tomorrow is Wednesday: Seminary Teacher Study Group day. I better get to work on that!!

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