Friday, 7 July 2017

Summer Vacation Day 7/54 Stampede Parade, Over and Out London and White Elephant

Jill said goodbye to London and got back to our side of the pond. She isn't home yet though. She is flying back and forth across Canada a couple times first.

Peirce continued adventuring. Today he went to the parade! I heard his alarm go off at 5:00 am. Eeesh! I didn't get up. One of the nice thing about teenagers is they can get their own breakfast, for sure! 

Tonight Allen and I went to a great place for dinner. It's called White Elephant. He's wanted to go there for a while because he keeps seeing it on top 10 lists of places to eat in Calgary. When he took me there, I thought he'd lost his mind. It isn't fancy at all! You go in a metal door on the side of an old hotel.
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But the food is divine!! I don't know how they did the chicken but it is crunchy without being coated and deep fried. And interestingly, the service is quite slow. It seems to break all the rules that marketers say are required for a successful restaurant.

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It is hot hot hot out this week. We have a hot weather advisory. We need more fans around here!

I'm reading a book by Debra Ellis: Looks Like Daylight

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