Saturday, 18 August 2018

Bonne Fete Soeur Ackroyd!

Today is Jill's birthday. Her companion, Hannah Marteeny, posted this on Facebook:

Happiest of birthdays (despite it being a bit late) to my fabulous companion!!! I am so blessed to be able to serve the Lord with this incredible no-longer-teenager! Sister Jillian Ackroyd is so fun-loving and invites the spirit and has helped me through so much. I am so grateful to be with her, through the burnt cookies, blurry selfies, Paris adventures, late night haircuts with bluntish scissors, and getting to know the wonderful people in the Paris Mission. I hope you had a great birthday, and that the year to come is full of even more miracles and joy! You're an incredible missionary, and (être humain too 😉) and I love you so much! Gros bisous

 (picture anecdotes are Mom's)

 I think this would be her first baptism. This little cute guy is named Ivane.
 Jill's companion is Sister Marteeny. I'm so happy they're having a good time together. Companions make the best of friends!
 Yup. Cooking is right on par.
 Late night hair cuts with blunt scissors. *sigh*
 Favorite street of missionaries?

 I read on another missionary's blog (Paris France missionary moms share's fabulous....with everyone's posts I can almost piece together all the missing information on things I wonder about) that Sisters will stay at the temple their entire mission. I think there are 5 sets of missionaries there. I guess it means they could be companions for quite a long time - or that the pool of missionaries they'll be "transferred to" to be companions with is pretty limited. They're a fun little group.

Our message to Jill is a little embarrassing - but we were having fun: 

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