Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Mom Texts

One thing I didn't know that people did was to text moms with pictures of missionaries when they run into them. Whenever one comes, it's usually first thing in the morning and it is such a great way to wake up!

This is from someone from Malad, Idhao. They ran into the sisters at a museum on their P-Day.

A couple hours later I got another email saying they ran into them again!

One thing they say about missions is that you sacrifice being with your family for a time to build friendships with new and wonderful people. I never knew that would happen to ME too as the mom. I have a few moms I have made connections with and it is so great! They share pictures and stories that help fill in the parts of the stories I don't understand when Jill writes.

Later in the day I got these pictures from Sister Marteeny's mom, Elizabeth. The rest of the story is that they are visiting Napolean Bonaparte's tomb at The Dômes des Invalides. You can read more about it here.The things they have in their hands are Napolean Bonaparte hats (I've added a picture  below). They were all excited when they left because the security guard at the exit asked about their name tags and after a conversation, he decided he wanted to hear more and they have an appointment set up to go back and teach him about the church.

Here are some I didn't to post previously. Sometimes I get these and just look at them all day. It's like a secret little gift for a mom.
This is our old stake president and his wife. They live in Airdrie.

This is the Christensen family. They lived in our ward about 10 years ago 
and now are back in the states. 
This was sent by Marsha Larson from Southern Alberta who was visiting Paris. Her son served in the Halifax mission - Allen's mission!

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The Family Called Hyde said...

That's such a nice thing to do.
Would have been nice if it happened when you were on your mission.